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Gobind Bhog Rice

100% Organic and Non GMO Gobind bhog rice

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Also knows as Jeera Rice.

‘Gobindobhog’ is a non-Basmati type indigenous aromatic rice of West Bengal. It has short-bold type, white kernels with desi red cooking quality and pleasant aroma. The raw milled rice of ‘Gobindabhog’ has different forms of use like bhog and bhat, Payesh (desert), Pistak or Pitha (rice cakes) and chira (beaten rice).

This brand hosts products that align to the principles of Organic Farming as defined by IFOAM , Principle of Fairness where we ensure that the food products are certified organic and the farmers are compensated fairly in lieu of the food products, and Principle of Care, where our products carry utmost information a consumer needs to know before picking up the food product.


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