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Premium Naturally Farmed CTC tea free from GMO & Preservatives

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Ingredients: Fresh Harvest straight from Elephant Conservation, Organic Tea Gardens of Bodoland, Assam. Tea is grown in Tea Gardens, amidst Forest. TARU CTC Tea is  Rich in Nutrition & Flavor.

Processing: Tea Leaves are Grown with Love,  Plucked, Collected, Dried by Dwimu PGS Organic Growers Society.  Tea leaves are Processed in West Garo Hills, Meghalaya. From Meghalaya, CTC Tea is dispatched to Mumbai – TARU Warehouse. Quality Monitored.

Community Impact: Grown by NPOP Certified Farmers, Practicing Natural Farming. Sourced from Pristine, Blissful, Elephant Conservation Tea Estate on the Border of Assam & Bhutan Himalayan Ranges, from Tribal Areas of Bodoland,Assam. Tenzing Bodosa is a TrailBlazer, who has built a Tea Estate whie Co-existing with Forest Animals, by Growing Green Corridors (Food Tree Species) for Elephants in between his Estate. A Fine Example of Eco-Tourism & Forest Livelihoods for Tribals.

How to Use: Fragrant Beverage! Add 1 tsp to a Cup of Boiling Water &  Strain to get an Aromatic Dark Liquor.

Can be served Hot or Iced, with or without milk. Makes Beautiful Cutting Chai, Masala chai, Pot Tea, Everyday Tea Boiled with Ginger, Tulsi or Lemongrass. As Tea Cakes, Ice-Creams, Mocktails, Cooling Drinks. Used Tea Leaves are very good to Boil & Use as a Last Rinse for Hair, Soak Cotton & Apply to Eyes for Strain & Add as a Nutrient/Compost to Plants.

Recipe Indian Masala Chai: 

Hand Pestle or Blend Spices (Black Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom & Cinnamon stick). Add to boiling water along with Crushed Ginger, Fresh Tulsi/Mint Leaves. Boil for 2 to 3 mins on low to medium flame. When flavors are infused well, pour Milk/Vegan Milk. Add 1 tsp TARU Assam CTC Tea & bring to Boil. Remove from flame after one boil. Masala Chai is Ready to Serve Hot with Snacks.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place in glass, ceramic or steel jar preferably any air-tight jar.




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