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Black Rice Pancake Mix

Heirloom black rice flour, chickpea flour

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Ancient Superfood. Organically grown in pristine remote areas of Assam, by small scale farmer tribes. Gluten free goodness, packed with wholesome nutrients.

Complete meal & healthcare!

Processing: Freshly stone ground, Quality checked and packed.

Chickpea flour is a powerhouse of proteins, fiber, minerals and micro-nutrients. Combined with Black rice flour, it provides complete nutrition and health

Recipe 1 : Instant Breakfast Cheela, Dosa or pancake

Prepare batter with 2 cups of black rice pancake mix, salt to taste, 1 tbsp of chopped vegetables & herbs, 1 tsp of spices(optional), 1 cup of water. For Better results add half to one cup curd or butter milk. Stir well. Heat pan, grease with little oil. Spread evenly half cup of batter on pan. Cover pan till it firms & flip. Serve.

Recipe 2 : Take 2 Medium size bowls.

In 1st bowl, whisk together 150 g of black rice pancake mix, salt & jaggery powder to taste. For fluffy pancakes, add pinch of baking powder. For taste add vanilla essence, cinnamon, chocolate or fruit powder.

Take another bowl, stir 1 flax egg, melted Butter (preferably Vegan Butter) with any of these options : 1 Cup – water/ milk / butter milk / vegan milk.

Add wet batter to dry ingredients. Stir to blend to make a smooth batter. Do not over mix. Keep aside final batter for 15 mins.

Pre – heat pan. Grease with little oil, butter or desi ghee. Spread one ladleful batter on pan. Spread thinly & evenly in a round shape. Cover pan till it firms & flip. Serve with chutney, jaggery powder, maple syrup, vegan butter, jam, vegetables.

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