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Beco Sustainable Bamboo Serving Napkins – 50 Pieces


Serve & Save!

Whether it’s the perfectly set dinner table or everyday chores, any reason is a good reason to use them!


AED 5.00


1. Made from Pure Bamboo, 100% organic
2. 2 Ply Premium Quality, 50 Pieces
3. Unbleached, Non-GMO Project Verified
4. Multipurpose use


1. What are bamboo napkins?

Bamboo napkins are a winning alternative to the usual white bleached tissues. You can use them the way you use any other tissue – while dining, travelling, even cleaning.

2. Why are these tissues brown in colour?

These eco-friendly napkins/tissues are made from bamboo.

3. Can I use facial tissues for skincare routine?

Totally! They’re exactly for that. These sustainable napkins are a good look on the table as they’re natural and surely look different (thanks to the light brown colour)!

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 60 cm


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